Organisation Home Page

Every organisation in UNIS has a home page. The top half of the screen (above the tabs) gives basic information on the organisation (i.e. address and general contact details). Detailed information on the organisation can be found under the tabs as follows:

  • Details
    • Summary. Lists more detailed information on the organisastion (e.g. turnover, number of employees, etc.)
    • Organisation Hierarchy. If this organisation is part of a hierarchy, this tab shows the complete hierarchy
  • Contacts. Lists all associated contacts (i.e. employees of the organisation)
  • Actions. Lists all associated actions (i.e. closed, overdue, pending and future)
  • Activities. Lists all associated activities
  • Communications
    • Comments. Lists all associated comments
    • Email. Lists all associated emails
    • Documents. Lists all associated documents
  • Collections. Lists all collections the organisation is linked to
  • Security
    • Access Rights. Shows which individual users and collections of users have permission to see the organisation in the system
    • Ownership. Shows who owns the organisation, who created it, and who last modified it

Unsolicited Mail Flag

PLEASE NOTE: Every organisation has an unsolicited mail flag to denote whether that organisation would like to receive marketing communications. By law, an organisation must explicitly opt in to receive such material. Hence, when adding a new organisation to the system, this flag defaults to "yes" - i.e. do not send this organisation such communications.

If an organisation has stated they do not wish to receive such communications, this will be shown on their homepage as follows:

Add a new organisation

Before adding a new organisation, check that it is not already in the system by running a Basic Search

If the organisation does not already exist, create a new one via Actions / New / Organisation

You will see the following screen:

Note the "Restrict marketing mail" flag. This should be left to "Yes" (i.e. do not email) unless the organisation has explicitly stated they would like to receive marketing communications.

Enter the details, then click Next. You then have the option of entering additional details (e.g. turnover, number of employees). Once all information has been entered, click Save. Before the record is saved, you will see a confirmation screen:

If all details are correct, click Save.

Edit an existing organisation

To edit an existing organisation, from the home page of that organisation, click either Edit Summary or Edit Details:

  • Edit Summary - allows basic organisation details to be changed - e.g. name, address, telephone, email, etc.
  • Edit Details - allows additional organisation information to be changed - e.g. turnover, number of employees, VAT number, etc.

Organisation Hierarchy

If the organisation is part of a hierarchy, an Organisation Hierarchy sub tab will be visible from the Details tab:

Note: If the organisation is not part of a hierarchy, but you would like to create one, you should create a subsidiary organisation via the Details tab / See more actions / New Subsidiary. Once you have created a subsidiary, the Organisation Hierarchy sub tab will be visible.

From the Organisation Hierarchy sub tab, you can perform three actions on organisations in the hierarchy:

Add a new subsidiary

To add a new subsidiary to a particular organisation, click it's name in the hierarchy. You will then see it's name highlighted in bold.

In the following example, we are going to add a new subsidiary to the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media (notice how it is highlighted in bold):

Now click New Subsidiary from the menu bar:

Enter the name and address of the new subsidiary, then click Next:

The new subsidiary will then be saved:

Move organisation in hierarchy

To move an organisation to a different point in the hierarchy, click it's name. You will then see it's name highlighted in bold.

In the following example, we are going to move the Dept of Media and Cultural Studies (notice how it's name is highlighted in bold, number 1 in screenshot below) from the Faculty of Arts, Design and Media to the Faculty of Education and Society.

Click Move Organisation in Hierarchy (number 2 in screenshot below) from the menu bar:

You will then see a list of all other organisations in the hierarchy (excluding it's own subsidiaries as it is not possible to move an organisation to any of these). Select an organisation and click Next. In this example, we are selecting Faculty of Education and Society:

The organisation will then be moved:

Edit name/address

To change the name/address of an organisation in the hierarchy, click it's name. You will then see it highlighted in bold (number 1 in screenshot below). Click See more actions / Edit Summary from the menu bar (number 2 in screenshot below):

You can then edit the name and basic contact details:

Once you have made your changes, simply click Next and your changes will be saved:

Archiving an organisation

See Archiving Records

Searching for organisations

There are three ways to search for organisations in the system:

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