Actions are to-do tasks which can be assigned to one or more users in UNIS (including yourself).

Actions are associated with both projects and organisations. For example, if you have circulated a project enquiry, you can assign an action against that project for a week's time to follow up any responses to that enquiry. Or, if you have visited a company, you could assign an action against that organisation for a week's time to make a follow-up phone call.

Your own (incomplete) actions are shown via the "traffic lights" at the top-right of every page in the system, as shown below:

If you click on any of the three colours (red, amber, green) you will be able to view a list of those actions:

The sections below describe how to add/assign/edit/close a project action. Each task is exactly the same for organisations.

Add a new action

To add an action to a project, from the Actions tab of a project, click New Action:

You will see the following screen:

Enter a subject, action type, and the date the action is due. Optionally, you can enter additional notes.

NOTE: Ensure you leave the Completed? flag as "No" otherwise the action will not be flagged as open, even if the due date is in the future!

If the action is only for yourself, leave the Assign action flag as "No". If you would like to assign the action to other UNIS users, answer "Yes"; you will then be presented with the Assign Action dialogue box.

To save the action, simply click Save.

Assign an action

During the process of adding a new action, you are given the option to assign that action to other users. Similarly, you can assign an existing action to other users by clicking the Assign icon alongside that action:

In either scenario, you will see the following screen:

To assign the action to other users, simply tick their names in the list. Similarly, you can unassign the action from a user by unticking their name.

NOTE: If you assign the action to other users, each user will be automatically sent an email which tells them you have assigned them an action.

To complete the process, simply click Save.

Edit an action

To edit an existing action, click the Edit icon alongside the relevant action:

Make your required changes, then click Save to complete the process.

Close a completed action

Once an action is complete, it can be closed by editing that action and setting the Completed? flag to "Yes".

Completed actions are not included in the "traffic lights" at the top-right of the page. However, you can still see completed actions by clicking the Actions / Closed sub-tab from the project screen.

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