Transferring Projects between accounts

Reasons for Transferring a project

  1. Moving a project from the KH account to an institution so that it can be accessed by staff at that institution.
  2. Moving a project from an institution to the KH account so that it can be accessed by the KH Network. This would be for reporting reasons or to circulate an enquiry around the network.
  3. Moving a project where the project owner is moving institutions and is taking their project(s) with them. Their access to their old centre’s account would be removed and a new login created at their new institution.

Who can move a project

Only account managers would be able to transfer a project to another account manager. The transfer process would include notes on why the project is being transferred and to whom it should be given. It would be inappropriate to allow ordinary user to transfer projects or for account managers to have access to user information in another account where they do not have the appropriate level of access. This would also prevent a project being transferred to the wrong “Joe Bloggs”

What happens when a project is moved

In the case of reasons 1 and 2 above the "move" would actually cause a duplication of data. The account manager would decide which pieces of information from the originating project would be transferred. Information would be stored against the original and new projects, so that the projects are linked. Comments would also be stored against each project to provide a visual reference that the transfer has occurred.

In the case of reason 3, the entire project information would be transferred. Once transferred this project would be marked as closed on the originating account with a reference to the project on the receiving account. This kind of transfer would probably be restricted to projects up to a given status point to prevent transfer of projects where funding has been awarded to the project/institution.

The status of the project would remain unchanged when it arrives with the new owner in the receiving account. The new owner would be able to set the project status as is appropriate.

Questions regarding the transfer process

  1. When doing a "duplication" which information from an existing project would be transferable?
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