Creating a Support Ticket

Getting Started

Before you can add a support ticket you must be a registered user of the ticket system. Please note that this is separate from your UNIS login.


Registration is very simple. Just complete all of the fields shown on the registration form. It is important that you specify your email address as this will be used to update you to the status of your ticket.

Once you have completed and submitted your registration you will be prompted to enter your chosen username and password, after which you will be taken to your preferences.

Posting a Ticket

Having logged in you will now see an extra New Ticket option on the main horizontal menu bar.

From here you will be presented with a form which allows you to enter the details of your support ticket.

  • Summary - a brief summary of your problem/request
  • Description - please give more details of your request. If you have experienced an error, please quote the error code which will be something like 201147_304

  • Type
    • Defect - e.g. a bug or something which doesn't work as expected
    • Enhancement - i.e. to an existing feature of UNIS
    • Task - e.g. create a new user account
    • Request - e.g. request a new system feature
  • Priority - how important is your request?
    • Blocker - the problem is preventing you from doing your work
    • Critical
    • Major
    • Minor
    • Trivial
  • Component - components are simply a general description of the area of UNIS that your request applies to. You can choose from:
    • Account
    • Action
    • Activity
    • Collection
    • Contact
    • Document
    • Email
    • Finance
    • General
    • Login
    • Organisation
    • Project
    • Resource
    • Search
    • User
  • Cc - if you would like your ticket CC'ed to a colleague, please enter their email address

Should you have any screenshots or other documents that you'd like to attach to the ticket, check the box at the bottom of the ticket and after you click on "Create Ticket" you will be prompted to upload your file and give it a short description.

Important things to note when adding a ticket:

  • A ticket should be for only one issue or request
  • Complete the summary and description fields with as much detail as possible. This will help with diagnosing the problem and also will help when other people are searching the tickets for a solution to a problem they have that may have previously occurred.
  • If you received an automated error message, please make sure you quote the reference in your ticket description.
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