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#5 Filtered Organisations and Export to Excel Problem Organisation defect 16 Sep 2015

Search for organisations with the following criteria produced incorrect results, i.e. number of employees was ignored

Post Code = DH,NE,SR,TS Employees = 250+

Also found that the system would not allow an export to Excel of 7,556 records (all data)

#38 Organisation Update/Merge/Archive Organisation defect 8 Oct 2015

I’ve recently extracted some data for a projects report and have noticed that we still have a large number of duplicate records on the system, plus there are organisations with multiple names (e.g. City of Sunderland and Sunderland City Council). As you know we carried out a deduplication exercise earlier this year – can this be repeated?

#58 Organisation/Contact Email Address Search Search defect 25 Feb 2016

Hi Paul, would it be possible to set up organisation and contact email address searches? I've received details of email addresses that have bounced on recent email campaigns and want to remove/update the data on the relevant records on UNIS.

Some of the organisation names are obvious (i.e. their names are included in the email addresses) however that is not the case on all.

Many thanks, Val

#32 New Project - Add Owner and Status to top of form General enhancement 16 Sep 2015

Ability to select owner from dropdown list, with the list automatically defaulting to the user’s name.

We would also like to change the project status when a record is created. Some projects are entered late and staff have to add and save the record before changing from ‘Initial Enquiry’ to another project status.

#39 Bulk Update of Project Statuses Project enhancement 8 Oct 2015

Could we have a tool which will allow users to update their project statuses in bulk? Ideally it would be within the user’s project view, with the ability to select projects and then their new project type from a dropdown list before activating their update via a ‘Go’ or ‘Update’ button. I have attached a screenshot from Hobson’s Events, Interviews & Trips where users can change contact invitation, registration or attendance statuses.

I think this is something we talked about when we met last year. Let me know if you need further info.

#27 Removal of duplicate records General task 16 Sep 2015

Hi Paul,

Is there anyway duplicate organisation records can be identified in UNIS? I'm happy to look through any lists you can forward and archive records where only organisation and contact data is recorded.

Many thanks,


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